Above Syndicate is one of the many musical projects of Kansas City raised and Nashville based singer/songwriter/performer/producer, Kenny Carter (Trump Dawgs, KLT, The Magi, Altimatic). Birthed out of a vision to create a collection of songs that meld deep funk grooves with rock intensity and invite the listener into a Cantata-styled expression of praise to God, Carter started crafting the unique Above Syndicate experience. 

The project seemed to have launching point with a partnership with a start-up indie label. But the partnership fell through so Carter began his recording process independently. The rhythm section for some of the songs featured players from his band, Trump Dawgs (Lester Estelle, Anthony Case, Donald Carter and Luke Sullivant) as well as drummer, Ryan Ellis. After laying the groundwork with the players, he took the following years to build the project piece by piece. Now, Above Syndicate is finally ready for the world. 

“This project is a passion of mine,” explains Carter. "I want people to feel like they’re peeking into a post-apocolyptic scene in the throneroom of God. I want them see what a PARTY it is in there. And I want them to encounter him and his truly incomprehensible character. I picture all of these bands and singers in the throneroom bringing their songs and dance troupes in before the big seat and bringing all of their best stuff. And I see us as one of those bands, taking our tiny sliver of eternity to perform for the Creator, his Messiah, his Spirit, and the host of folks with him. Above Syndicate is about the excitement and intimacy of being close to the King and experiencing how deeply He loves us. That’s worth getting up and groovin’ for!” 

Above Syndicate’s first single was the funk/soul/rock anthem, King. The second single, Who Am I, is set for an October 22, 2021 release. This delicate and, yet, intense song stirs up a Beatles meets Israel Houghton feel and draws the listener into a deeper sense of who we are in relation to a God and his exceeding love. Come along for the ride with Above Syndicate. The experience is just beginning! 

Contact Above Syndicate at abovesyndicate@gmail.com.

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